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NV ‘Noble’ Sparkling Shiraz


Sparkling Shiraz – as uniquely Australian as panning for gold under a gum tree.

Ethel (Old English for Noble) Gregory, Sarah’s beloved grandmother, spent her twilight years prospecting for gold and painting the Australian landscape around her adopted country town of Tarnagulla, Victoria.

Making a similar tree change, we join her in search of our Noble Gold – Barossa Valley Shiraz.


$35 a bottle in any straight or mixed dozen

The meaning behind ‘Noble’

As an adult it’s fascinating to look at past events through a more learned lens. Why did my parents make the decisions that they made? Would I now make those same decisions?

Even more interesting is looking further back in time. 

Why did Ethel Gregory, Sarah’s grandmother, leave Melbourne for country Victoria? Why did Sarah and I leave Melbourne for country South Australia?

The older you get, the more you realise you’re just like your parents or grandparents, and that their decisions were good decisions. Maybe it didn’t make sense at the time – why did Ethel move to somewhere so quiet, so far from family and friends? Why did Sarah and I do exactly the same, many decades later?

Ethel enjoyed panning for gold in her adopted town of Tarnagulla, Victoria. Finding gold became a hobby, with some of the discovered nuggets forged into jewellery for her granddaughters.

We, too, moved to an ancient gold field here in the Barossa. The Barossa Goldfields haven’t seen much activity in recent years, though for us we’re panning for a new type of above ground gold – Barossa Valley Shiraz.

Panning for gold in Tarnagullar
Wine Details
Region Barossa Valley, South Australia
Bottling Date September 2023
Variety Shiraz
Volume 750ml
Alcohol Volume 14%
pH 3.38
TA 6.62 g/L
Sugar 18.9 g/L
Vegan Friendly
No fining agents used.
Vintage Notes
We moved here in 2015 with the intent to make wine from our Shiraz vineyard.

During 2016 vintage we gave it a shot, squashing a small bin of grapes in the shed. Not even enough for one barrique barrel (225 litres), the experience taught us a lot about winemaking. Primarily it taught us that if we want to take it seriously, we can’t do it in the shed.

So, we moved to The Shed – at Dutschke Wines. Working for Dutschke since November 2016, Wayne and Brenda were kind enough to let us crush a bit of fruit under their verandah in 2017.

2017 turned out to be a glut year. We were able to sell a bit of the extra fruit that we had grown, but in the end we crushed twice as much as we intended to crush for the year.

Bottling the 2017 Shiraz, in 2019, we chose to bottle it as cleanskin and label it on demand. This also gave us the option to sell the excess wine as cleanskins, although this proved difficult. Cleanskins need to be cheap – dirt cheap. Below cost cheap. This didn’t make sense to us, and instead the wine continued to sit in storage and mature.

Skipping forward a few years, vintage 2022 also turned out to be a glut year. Primarily because of the Chinese market closure, we ended up crushing tenfold what we intended. History repeating.

With so much wine in barrel, the idea of creating a Sparkling Shiraz came to mind.

Sparkling Shiraz is something Sarah and I thoroughly enjoy drinking but had never dreamed of making.

During my time in various wineries, none were making Sparkling Shiraz, insisting it takes too much time, costs too much money, and is very finicky. It turns out they were right! Nonetheless, we persisted.

Sarah had the bright idea to decant some of the 2017 cleanskins still sitting in warehousing, allowing us to create a wine with some complexity and substance straight off the bat.

The idea was good, and the Sparkling Shiraz base wine was born. My Dad, Mickie, and I decanted bottles of 2017 on a rainy day in June 2023, beefing the blend up with 2022 Shiraz and a tickle of 2023 for variety.

Sparkling Shiraz base wines need a host of procedures carried out on them, and that’s before you make it bubbly. Fortunately, the team at VinPac Angaston have the equipment and know-how to make Charmat Method Sparkling. We dispatched the base wine to them, and they walked us through the process from start to finish.

Our 2023 release of NV Noble Sparkling Shiraz is comprised of Shiraz from our 2017, 2022 and 2023 vintages. With a delicious 1% addition of Dutschke Fortified Shiraz (approx. 10 years old), the wine has complexity, fruit and depth all at once.