Grenache 2020

Duck, Duck, Cat Grenache 2020

2020 will be remembered for many reasons, and by us for at least two good reasons.

In 2020 we crushed the first Grenache for Genista from our single acre of 1944 planted vines.

We also got to know Rose, the local Barossa Wildlife Rescue (BWR) owner. Through Rose we adopted two Muscovy ducks named Willow and Jemima, and a tabby cat named Tabitha.

Rose works tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate local wildlife and to support her work, we’re donating $3 from the sale of every bottle of Duck, Duck, Cat to BWR.


Alcohol: 15.0%
pH: 3.44
TA: 6.25 g/L
Residual sugar: 2.36 g/L (equates to 0.35 g/glass)


  • No fining agents used (only gravity!)
  • Vegan friendly
  • Keto friendly

We received decent winter rainfall for the first time in a few years, setting the vines up for a good start to the growing season.

Towards the end of winter we combined two of our favourite things – incorporating technology and data into the vineyard by installing two in-ground moisture probes.

Through the use of this data, we were able to irrigate more effectively and despite the third drought year in a row we achieved good quality and yield from our 2020 crop.

Spring and early summer were fairly normal. By January conditions were starting to ease and February was the mildest summer in ~20 years, allowing the fruit time to hang on the vine post-veraison and develop flavour.

The grapes were handpicked on 18 March and the fruit fermented in an open top fermenter. One-third of whole bunch whole berries on the bottom and two-thirds destemmed on top, creating a small layer of carbonic maceration.

After fermentation the fruit was basket pressed straight to oak, finishing primary and secondary fermentation in the barrel.

Following this, the wine was racked off gross lees before returning to barrel and allowing it to mature in two seasoned hogsheads, 1 French and 1 American, for 11 months.

We’ve created a style of Grenache that we enjoy drinking ourselves – generous, fruit-driven and vibrant!

“A new label to memade from vines planted in 1944. Superb depth of bright purple colour, aromas of red berries, spices & a hint of brambliness, a lovely appealing mouthful of plummy flavours with dash of dried herbs & a sensational long lingering finish. UTTERLY DIVINE.”

Dan Traucki – Wine Assist